Coaxial Line Lights

Coaxial Line Lights

High directional coaxial illumination,  to solve the problem of concave and convex shade caused by photo taking of slant lighting

Coaxial Line Lights Applications:

PCB defect detection
Concave and convex point,heterochrome detection for mobile phone screen
Characters,cracks detection for Glossy surface
Scratch Detection for Cylindrical surface 

Technical specification   
Input voltage DC-48V        
Lights color (wavelength) Red  620-630nm   Blue 460-475nm                                                    Color Temperature(White) 5800-7000K
Cooling Way  Fan Cooling
Working Environment(indoor) Temperature 0-40°C,Humidity  20-85% non condensing
Optional Controller PSC3 Series
*The wavelength and color temperature is different due to the different lots,please see the specification for details
Selection guide
COLN - 300 W - FN  
Model   Emitting Length Color   Fan Cooling  

Series Model Color Recommend WD(mm) Emitting Area(mm) PowerW) LxWxH(mm) Weight(kg
COLN COLN-300W-FN W 130-140 300X25 110 320X186X60 3.6
COLN-300R-FN R 130-140 300X25 70 320X186X60 3.6
COLN-300B-FN B 130-140 300X25 110 320X186X60 3.6
COLN-400W-FN W 130-140 400X25 130 420X186X60 4.4
COLN-450W-FN W 130-140 450X25 170 470X186X60 5.8
COLN-600W-FN W 130-140 600X25 140 620X186X60 6.1
COLN-640W-FN W 130-140 640X25 150 720X50X90 6.3
COLN-640B-FN B 130-140 640X25 150 820X50X90 6.3
*The power in the difference of  ±10% is allowed


Working Distance & Illumiance of COLN-300W-FN

When the dimming is 100%, the measured values on each illuminating distance may be inconsistent with the actual values.

 Uniformity of COLN-300W-FN

When the dimming is 100%, the measured values on 100mm illuminating distance ,Results for individual products may vary                            

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