Custom lights
Custom lights
Custom lights
Custom lights
Custom lights
Custom lights

Custom lights

According to Customer's the actual requirements to custom diffferent kindls of non-standard lights

Custom Lights

Custom Included:
Wavelength and color temperature,Size,illumination mechanism,

Customers provide ideas and requirements
R&D Verify  design solution by Experimentation
R&D Supply  Product Dimension  Diagram
Customer Confirmed 
Products Development
Assit  Customer to use


LED Color Custom
Color Wavelength/CCT Code
White   W
Blue 460-475 B
Red 620-630 R
Green 520-530 G
Ultraviolet 365-405 UV
Infrared 850/940 IR
Yellow 585-590 Y


Ring  Lights O.D/I.D ,Angle,Led  QTY,Color,Brightness,Uniformity,Mounting
Flat  Lights Size,Emittng Area,Color,Brightness,Uniformity,luminous mode,Mounting
Coaxial Lights Size,Emittng Area,Color,Brightness,Clear Aperture,Mounting
Bar Lights Size,Emitting Area,Led QTY,Color,Brightness,Mounting
Line Lights Size,Emitting Area,Color,Brightness,Unifomity,Glare Width,Coolin Methord,Mounting
Diffused Lights Size,Emitting Area,Color,Brightness,Uniformity,Luminous Mode,Mounting
Spot Lights Light Outlet Aperture  or its length,Color,Brightness,Power,Mounting
Bar Lights Units Size,Color,Brightness,Mounting
Position Alignment Lights Camera Type,FOV,WD,Mounting Methord,Lumious Mode,Color and CCT 
Combination  Lights Combine with different kinds models&color,eg CO2 and SD,CQ2 and FQGH2,different color

1.Wavelength 365-940nm    
2.White Color Temperature can be customized
3.RGB  Light can be Customized in any shape



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