Microscope Ring Light  WR63 Series
Microscope Ring Light  WR63 Series

Microscope Ring Light WR63 Series

Four zone control. Long lifetime. Cost effective, Integrated design

WR63HW specification
Model WR63HW-4F
LED Quantity 48pcs (5 Plug-in LED)
Input AC100~240V 50~60HZ
Power 4.2±5%
Drive Method  Constant Current
Light Control Range 0~100%
Light zone four zone
Working Temperature/Humidity 0~40°/ 20~80% RH
Color temperature 6000-8000K
Working Distance (mm) 40~120mm
Max Mounting Diameter (mm) Max Φ63mm
Dimension Diagrams(mm) O.D.Φ97 × I.D.Φ63× H30 × L120
Weight(without package) 150g
Illuminance (lx) 80000 (WD=100mm)
Product Lineup Table (Plug-in LED)
Model Specification
WR63HW-4F Plug-in LED beads, white
WR63HWF-4F Plug-in LED beads, white, dust proof glass

Product Drawing

1. M4X15mm fixing screws;      
2. Dimming knob;      
3. The partition switch button is shown below;      

4. Input voltage DC12V 1A, connector: 5.5X2.1mm;
5. The input cable length of the light source is 1626mm;      
6. The unit of dimension marked in the figure is mm.      
 Power plug: Japanese, American, European and British plugs are available      
 Dustproof glass: dustproof optical toughened glass is available to prevent       
   harmful substances from entering the microscope.      


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