Narrow bar Lights

Narrow bar Lights

High directivity, Large field dark field bar light. 
Applications:Dust detection for LCD module and cover glass.
                       Surface crack detection 

Technical specification
Light color/  *1
Red: 620-630nm      Green: 520-530nm          
Blue: 460-475nm            
Color temperature *1 5500-7500K          
Operating Environment (indoor) Temperature0~40℃、Humidity20~85% Non condesning          
Service life White: 30,000 hours. Red: 60,000 hours (non-guaranteed value)          
Supporting Controller PSS, PS1C, PS2C, PD5, PDS4, PDMS, PDM2, PBD, PBDL.           
Accessories 1Diffuser Polarizing plate.  2Anti-static plate. 3DC extension cable: 1m/2m/3m/5m/7m.          
Product development  Custom light to get best effects.           
 *1 Wavelength and CCT for different batches maybe differed.               

Selection guide
C-HL - 230 X 15 W
Model   Emitting Length   Emitting width Color

Model Model Color Emitting area
L X W (mm)
Voltage (V) Power (W) Dimension
L x W x H (mm)
Weight (g)
C-HL C-HL-130X15 130 x15 24 7.3 140x20x35 200
C-HL-200X15 200 x15 24 10 210x20x35 250
C-HL-230X15 230 x15 24 16 240x20x35 260
C-HL-280X15 280 x15 24 30 290x20x35 340
C-HL-400X15 280 x15 24 30 410x20x35 430
C-HL-520X15 520 x15 24 40 530x20x35 530
*1 The normal tolerance is +/-10% between the actual product power and power table content.         
Dimensions (mm)



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