PD4 digital controller

PD4 digital controller

RS-232/EIA-485 communication protocol for selection.            
PWM working frequency can be adjusted to avoid rippling.        
Can drive 27 channels individually

Model PD4-20024-27-LS/EIA-A    
Lighting Method Continuous / trigger lighting     
Drive Mode Constant Voltage    
Intensity Control PWM and light time control    
No of Channels 27    
PWM frequency C-0 62.5KHz, C-1 125KHz, C-2 250KHz, C-3 450KHz     
Error detection display LED display OCP    
Over current protection LED display OCP. Reset after turning the power off and on again.     
Input Voltage AC100-240V    
Trigger method Outer trigger (Bidirectional input, regardless of polarity)    
Trigger input voltage DC5-24V    
Max input power 200W/24V max    
Output Voltage DC24V    
Output Max Current 1A max / CH    
Trigger Lighting Delay < 50us     
Communication RS232 / 485    
Light brightness  0~255     
Working environment Temperature -10~50 / Humidity 20~85% RH (with no condensation)    
Storage environment Temperature -20~65 / Humidity 20~85% RH (with no condensation)    
Cooling method Forced air (Fan)    
Material SPCC Steel plate with painting    
Weight 2.34KG    
Dimension(mm 259.5X241X98.5    
Accessory AC cord, EIA-485-3-B,
LS-232-3-B communication cable, extension cable

PD4 -200 24 -27       LS   A
Model  Power  Output Voltage   Channel No.           Comunication    Edition

1. Communication parameter  
Protocol Working mode Communication
Transport format      
RS-232 /EIA-485 half-duplex mode 19200bps Start bit Data bits Check bit Stop bit
1 8 0 1
Controller External Trigger Definition (PD4-20024-27 Series)      
Trigger  Port No Trigger  Definition    
C Trigger Input Common    
1 1ch Trigger Input    
2 2ch Trigger Input    
3 3ch Trigger Input    
4 4ch Trigger Input (Bidirectional input,  
5 5ch Trigger Input  regardless of polarity)  
6 6ch Trigger Input    
26 26ch Trigger Input    
27 27ch Trigger Input    


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