Sequence-function Strobe Imaging System

Sequence-function Strobe Imaging System

More accurate, Faster, More Reliable

Glass cover defect detection
Lithium-battery surface defect detection
Print characters and appearance detection
Wafer, solar panel detection
Other industrial testings


When line scan detecting,Through high-speed and cyclic output of multiple signals, the light source controller responds with high speed and controls the switching of the light on and off successively,then spliced the images received by these multiple signals separately, so as to achieve the multi-station detection at one station.Sequence function strobe imaging system can not only reduce equipment space, save cost and also improve detection efficiency greatly.
  Traditional Sequence Function Strobe Imaging System PANGU Sequence Function
Strobe Imaging System
Qty of Support lights Extension 1-4
Camera Chip Type Single Line TDI 16 Line
Sequence Control Successive Cycle Successive Cycle
Control Terminal               Need to connect control logic box Directly Input
Response Time <1us <1us
Image by PC Software Directly Output
Characters Diversification      More accurate,higher speed,
More Reliable
PANGU Feature

1.Support 1-4 kind of lights to simultaneous detection, make the application system simplify, save the cost of system more.
2.Take TDI technology(4lines/lamp), response quickly, and can ensure the good image quality in high line frequency.
3.Control Sequence is finished directly by camera, in higher control accuracy and image stability.
4.Real-time Image can be showed, no need PC to extract and stitching, in high efficiency, and good reliability.
5.Faster, up to 50kHz trigger frequency, trigger delay within 1us.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


 ♦ PanGu Sequence Function Strobe Imaging System
  Control Sequence is finished directly by camera,Output the Splicing Images directly
  no need PC to extract and stitching


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