Custom Product
Supply optimal lightings to meet your needs and conditions

Custom Flow

Custom Detail
Size       Angle      Brightness       Emitting Area          • Cable Length  • Installation way and installation hole                  Connector type        • Wavelength and color temperature                      Mechanical dimension   
RGB three color light custom                               • Others                             Please feel free to inquire 

Testing Room Establishment

►To save evaluation time and cost of vision imaging solutions
►To avoid disclosure of customer and project information
►To build the image solution database, quick response to provide customer with lighting solution
►To train talents and related technicians to understand and applicate the vision image




  Technical Support

     ►Free lighting solution 
     ►Special price support for sample test
     ►Professional optical solutions
     ►Technical team support in whole testing process

Service Guarantee

Our company's products can be repaired or replaced free of charge within 1 year from the date of shipment if the product fails or the light source attenuation reaches 50%

                                       Operating Environment (indoor)

Working Temperature 0~40°                Humidity 20% ~ 85% non condensing