Flat Dome Light

Flat Dome Light

FQS2 Line pattern
Unique lighting technology allows either coaxial lighting or a dome effect depending on the working distance.             
Detection of concave and convex points of polarizing film                         
 Detection of concave and convex points of curved lens           
Press mark for phone cover glass    

Light color/  1*
Red: 620-630nm  Green: 520-530nm      
Blue: 460-475nm        
Color temperature 1*  6000-7500K      
Operating Environment (indoor) Temperature0~40℃、Humidity20~85% Non condesning      
Supporting Controller PSS, PS1C, PS2C, PD5, PDS4, PDMS, PDM2, PBD, PBDL      
Accessories DC extension cable: 1m/2m/3m/5m/7m.      
Product development  Custom light to get best effects.       
*1 Wavelength and CCT for different batches maybe differed.

FQS2- 200           X 200 W PT
Model Emitting Length Emitting width Color Line

Serie Model Color Voltage (V) Power (W) *  Dimension Weight (kg)
FQS2-PT FQS2-100X100-PT W 24 8 146x146x18 0.5
FQS2-150X150-PT W 24 32 196x196x18 1.4
FQS2-250X250-PT W 24 50 296x296x18 1.7
Dimensions (mm)

Imaging example

Different effect in varied working distance          
FQS2-250X250W-PT(Long side of workpiece 180mm. Zoom image.)              
Change working distance to adjust imaging effects. Suggest working distance 80-200mm.

1. Wear gloves when operating the light. To prevent finger prints and dirt apply to the light guide plate.          
2. Do not use hands or tissue paper to wipe the light guide plate. Use pressed air to blow away the big dust particles.          
3. Do not use alcohol and any other liquid to wipe the surface of light guide plate.               
4. Wipe the light guide plate with white spirit when it's dirty. 


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