Standard Line Lights

Standard Line Lights

Linear concentrated illumination,Nature Cooling,More specifications optional

Appearance inspection of glass cover plate          
Printed character inspection            
Defect detection of parts on the bottom of car              
More high-speed large-format inspection applications to be developed
Technical specification          
Input voltage DC-48V        
Lights color (wavelength)  Red  620-630nm   Blue 460-475nm                                                   Color Temperature(White) 5800-7000K
Cooling Way  Nature Cooling
Working Environment(indoor) Temperature 0-40°C,Humidity  20-85% non condensing
Optional Controller PSC3 Series
The wavelength is different due to the different lots,please see the specification for details

Selection guide
LN5 - 400 W FN
Model   Emitting
Color Fan cool



Dimension (mm)


Working distance and illumination curve


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