Narrow Bar Lights
Narrow Bar Lights
Narrow Bar Lights
Narrow Bar Lights

Narrow Bar Lights

High directivity, Large field dark field bar light

High Intensity Bar Lights Applications
Dust detection for LCD module and cover glass
Detection for Surface crack

Technical specification          
Light color/  *1
              Red: 620-630nm      Green: 520-530nm      
              Blue: 460-475nm          
Color temperature *1               5500-7500K          
Operating Environment (indoor)               Temperature:0~40℃,Humidity:20~85% Non condesning  
Service life               White: 30,000 hours. Red: 60,000 hours (non-guaranteed value)  
Supporting Controller                 PS1C, PS2C, PD4, PDS3,PDMS, PDM2, PBT4, PDL, PBL  
Accessories              1.Diffuser Polarizing plate.  2.Anti-static plate. 3.DC extension cable: 1m/2m/3m/5m.
Product development               Custom light to get best effects      
*The wavelength and color temperature is different due to the different lots,please see the specification for details

Selection guide

C-HL - 230 X 15 W
Model   Emitting Length   Emitting width Color
Model Model Color Emitting area
L X W (mm)
Voltage (V) Power (W) Dimension
L x W x H (mm)
Weight (g)
C-HL C-HL-130X15 W 130 x15 24 7.3 140x20x35 200
C-HL-200X15 W 200 x15 24 10 210x20x35 250
C-HL-230X15 W 230 x15 24 16 240x20x35 260
C-HL-280X15 W 280 x15 24 16 290x20x35 340
C-HL-520X15 W 520 x15 24 40 530x20x35 530
C-HL-580X15 W 580 x15 24 40 590x20x35 580
*The power in the difference of  ±10% is allowed



*Actual values may vary
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