Bi-directional Angled Line Lights
Bi-directional Angled Line Lights
Bi-directional Angled Line Lights

Bi-directional Angled Line Lights

Change the distribution of  luminous  intensity to realize defect detection in  direction

Application of Bi-directional Angled Line Lights

Surface Scratch Inspection for Glass Plate
Transparent Film Scratch Detection  
Technical specification          
Input voltage DC-48V        
Lights color (wavelength) Red  620-630nm   Blue 460-475nm                                                   Color Temperature(White) 5800-7000K
Cooling Way  Fan Cooling
Working Environment(indoor) Temperature 0-40°C,Humidity  20-85% non condensing
Optional Controller PSC3 Series
The wavelength is different due to the different lots,please see the specification for details

Selection guide          
LNC - 300 W - FN  
Model   Emitting Length Color   Fan Cooling  

Series Model Color Recommend WD(mm) Emitting Area(mm) PowerW) LxWxH(mm) Weight(kg
LNC LNC-100W-FN W 10-20 100x25 29 120X50X90 0.7
LNC-200W-FN W 20-35 200x25 54 220X50X90 1.1
LNC-300W-FN W 35-50 300X25 76 320X50X90 1.5
LNC-400W-FN W 50-60 400X25 96 420X50X90 1.9
*The power in the difference of  ±10% is allowed

Working Distance &  Illumiance

Images Sample


Horizontal Scratches by regular line light

Vertical scratches By regular line light

Vertical Scratches by bi-directional angles line light

The unique optical design realizes cross lighting on both sides of the light outlet path,highlighting vertical scratches parallel to the direction of product movement

                                      LNC-300W-FN(mm) as a sample
WD Theoretical Effective range Actual Effective range  
50 270 160  
100 238 140  
150 205 100  
         LWD:The distance from light to the detect object


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