COD Series Coaxial Lights
COD Series Coaxial Lights
COD Series Coaxial Lights
COD Series Coaxial Lights
COD Series Coaxial Lights

COD Series Coaxial Lights

Provide diffused and uniform illumination from the same axis as the camera
High uniform, collimate coaxial light 

Coaxial Lights

Scratch or damage inspection on glossy and mirror surfaces                    
Outline inspection

Lights color (wavelength) Red  620-630nm,  Green  520-530nm  Blue 460-475nm ,White 6500k
Operating environment (indoor) Temperature 0-40°C,Humidity  20-85% non condensing
Optional controller PS1C,PS2C,PS3C,PD4,PDS3,PBT4,PDM
Optional accessories Optical Film
DC extension cable 1m/2m/3m/5m
Lights R&D According to Individual requiremnts to supply custom service



COD - 50 R
Model   Emitting  Area Color
Series Model Optical Electric Dimension Weight (g)
Color Emitting Area(mm) Voltage
Power(W)* L x W x H (mm)
CO2 Series COD-20 R/G/B/W 20X20 24 2.2 2.1 64X31X27 110
COD-30 R/G/B/W 30X30 24 1.8 2.5 74X40X37 135
COD-40 R/G/B/W 40X40 24 2.7 3.7 86X50X47 220
COD-50 R/G/B/W 50X50 24 5.3 6.1 96X60X57 320
COD-60 R/G/B/W 60X60 24 7.2 9.8 106X70X67 420
COD-70 R/G/B/W 75X73 24 10.1 12 120X85.4X79 590
COD-80 R/G/B/W 85X83 24 13.2 17.1 130X95.4X89 710
COD-100 R/G/B/W 100X100 24 17.7 26.8 146X110X107 1010

*1 The normal troerance is +/-10% between the actual product power and power table content.
(The data included is not guarantee product quality. )

Dimension (mm) 
      1.Dust proof glass & camera window size custom                 4.Wavelength and Color Temperature  Customization                      
   2.RGB Customization    5.Installation way customization
   3.Emitting size Customization    6.Input Wire length customization


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