Multi color Lights

Multi color Lights

Each color can control individually 

Multi Color Light
Vision inspection of packaging Defects
inspection of multi color objects Alignment of film 

Lights color (wavelength) Red  620-630nm,  Green  520-530nm  Blue 460-475nm ,White 6500k
Operating environment (indoor) Temperature 0-40°C,Humidity  20-85% non condensing
Optional controller PS1C,PS2C,PS3C,PD4,PDS3,PBT4,PDM
Optional accessories DC extension cable 1m/2m/3m/5m
Lights R&D According to Individual requiremnts to supply custom service


HDR - 50 - 90 RGB
Model   Mechanical Diameter   Angle Color
Serie Model Color Voltage (V) Power (W) * 2 L*W*H
Weight (g)
Multi color light   C-HDR-50-70RGB-X RGB 24 R-0.8 G-1.4, B-1.4 50×28×16 43
  C-HDR-90-70RGB-X RGB 24 R-5.8 G-4 B-5.8 90×50×20 160
 C-LAR-100-30RGB-X RGB 24 R-3.4 G-4.6 B-4.6 100X70X22 170
 C-LAR-132-15RGB-X RGB 24 R-3 G-6.2 B-6.2 132x96x22 275
 C-HDL3-146X30RGB-X RGB 24 R-3.4 G-4.3 B-4.3 158X36X22.6 460
 C-CO2-50RGB-X RGB 24 R-3 G-4 B-4 96x60x57 320
 C-FQGH-285X220RGB-X RGB 24 R-1.5 G-2 B-2 341.5x280x16 1768
 C-LNH-317RGB-FN RGB 48 R-48 G-73 B-73 350x103x45.5 1900
*2 Suggest lit on for one color at one time.  

Dimension (mm) 

        1.RGB Lighting Customization                               4.Installation Way Customization                      
    2.Dimension & camera aperture size Customization      5.Input Wire length customization
     3.Wavelength and Color Temperature  Customization    


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