PDS4 Series Digital Controller

PDS4 Series Digital Controller

 RS-232/EIA-485 communication protocol for selection.      
 Compact size and light weight.


Model PDS4-20024-18-LS/EIA-A      
Lighting Method Continuous / trigger lighting       
Drive Mode Constant Voltage      
Intensity Control PWM and light time control      
No of Channels 18      
PWM frequency C-0 62.5KHz, C-1 125KHz, C-2 250KHz, C-3 500KHz       
Error detection display LED display OCP      
Over current protection LED display OCP. Reset after turning the power off and on again.       
Input Voltage DC24V      
Trigger method Outer trigger (Bidirectional input, regardless of polarity)      
Trigger input voltage DC5~24V      
Max input power 200W max       
Output Voltage DC24V      
Output Max Current 1A max / CH      
Trigger Lighting Delay < 50us       
Strobe light time 1~999ms       
Light brightness  0~255 steps      
Communication RS232 / EIA485      
Working environment Temperature -10~50 / Humidity 20~85% RH (with no condensation)      
Storage environment Temperature -20~65 / Humidity 20~85% RH (with no condensation)      
Cooling method Forced air (Fan)      
Material SPCC Steel plate with painting      
Weight 2.34KG      
Dimension(mm 176.5X141X98      
Accessory AC cord / EIA-485-3-B /  LS-232-3-B communication  extension cable      

PDS4 -200 24 -18  LS A
Model Power Output Voltage Channel No. Communication  Edition

Communication parameter
Protocol Working mode Communication
Transport format
RS-232 Half-duplex mode 19200bps Start bit Data bit Check bit Stop bit
1 8 0 1

Controller External Trigger Definition (PDS4-20024-18)
Trigger Port No Trigger  Definition Trigger Port No Trigger  Definition      
C Trigger Input Common C Trigger Input Common      
1 1ch Trigger Input 10 10ch Trigger Input      
2 2ch Trigger Input 11 11ch Trigger Input      
3 3ch Trigger Input 12 12ch Trigger Input      
4 4ch Trigger Input 13 13ch Trigger Input   No polarity DC5-24V inpu t
5 5ch Trigger Input 14 14ch Trigger Input      
6 6ch Trigger Input 15 15ch Trigger Input      
7 7ch Trigger Input 16 16ch Trigger Input      
8 8ch Trigger Input 17 17ch Trigger Input      
9 9ch Trigger Input 18 18ch Trigger Input      

Controller Power Input Definition
Port No   Port  Definition
+ DC24V Input +
-   Input -


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