Strobe Lights

Strobe Lights

Best choice for high speed shotting 

Strobe Light
Alignment inspection of film and PCB Alignment inspection of phone cover glass
Lights color (wavelength) Red  620-630nm,  Green  520-530nm  Blue 460-475nm ,White 6500k
Operating environment (indoor) Temperature 0-40°C,Humidity  20-85% non condensing
Optional controller PS1C,PS2C,PS3C,PD4,PDS3,PBT4,PDM
Optional accessories DC extension cable 1m/2m/3m/5m
Lights R&D According to Individual requiremnts to supply custom service


C-CO2 - 40 W F SF
Model   Emitting area  Color  Upside down Strobe
Serie Model Voltage (V) Strobe current
Weight (g)
Strobe light C-CO2-40-F-SF 44 18 86x50x51 240
C-CO2-60-F-SF 44 18.7 106x70x73 460
C-CO2-80-F-SF 44 25 130x95.4x94 780
C-HDL3-98X30-SF 44 20 110x36x23 120
C-HDR-74-60-SF 44 25 74x35x20 107
*1 The normal troerance is +/-10% between the actual product power and power table content.
(The data included is not guarantee product quality. )

Dimension (mm)

Imaging example: 

        1.RGB Lighting Customization                               4.Installation Way Customization                      
    2.Dimension & camera aperture size Customization      5.Input Wire length customization
     3.Wavelength and Color Temperature  Customization    


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