Multi-Angle Line Lights
Multi-Angle Line Lights
Multi-Angle Line Lights
Multi-Angle Line Lights

Multi-Angle Line Lights

  Multi-Angle,Higher Brightness,More reflecting illumination incidence angle, Central illumination is up to 5,000,000 lux

Multi-angle Line Lights Applications 
Inspection for Scratchs,bubbles and stains on cell phone glass cover 
Appearance detection for LCD base board   
Appearance detection for PCB bare board    

Technical specification          
Input voltage    DC-48V        
Lights color (wavelength)    Red  620-630nm,  Green  520-530nm  Blue 460-475nm ,                         Color Temperature(White) 5800-7000K
Cooling Way     Fan Cooling
Working Environment(indoor)    Temperature 0-40°C,Humidity  20-87% non condensing
Optional controller     PSC3 Series
Limit Custom Length     Emitting Length ≤ 1m
*The above data is for reference only,actual values may vary
*The wavelenght is different due to the different lots,please see the specification for details


Selection guide

LNMA - 250 W - G FN
Model   Emitting Area Color   Glass Fan Cooling
Series Model Color Recommend WD(mm) Emitting Angle(° Lighting Area(mm) PowerW) LxWxH(mm) Weight(kg
  LNMA-250W/B-GFN W/B 11-12 143 250X6 580 266X360X93 7.7
  LNMA-250R-GFN R 11-12 143 250X6 262.5 266X360X93 7.7
LNMA LNMA-250W-GWC W 11-12 143 250X6 580 266X315X93 6.8
  LNMA-400W-GFN W 11-12 143 400X6 735 416X360X93 10.5
  LNMA-600W-GFN W 11-12 143 600X6 840 616X360X93 18
The power in the difference of  ±10% is allowed



The detect items before silkscreen of the cell phone cover glass

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