PS1C / PS2C Analog controller
PS1C / PS2C Analog controller

PS1C / PS2C Analog controller

PS1C / PS2C Analog controller

 Stepless light intensity control
 Outer trigger function for selection. 
 DIN rail mounting or bottom mounting hole mounting. 

Model PS1C-3624-2 PS1C-3624-4 PS2-3624-2 PS2C-3624-4 PS2-6024-2 PS2C-6024-4 PS2C-15024-2H
Lighting Method Continuous lighting  Continuous / trigger lighting 
Drive method constant-voltage system
Light control method variable-voltage control
No. of channels 2 4 2 4 2 4 2
Output voltage (V) 12-24V
Maximum current in single channel (A) 1A 1A 1.5A 1.5A 1.5A 1.5A 3A
Output Power in total (W) 36W 36W 36W 36W 60W 60W 60W
Trigger function No Yes
Trigger delay < 80 μs
Trigger signal input No DC5-24V
Input voltage(V) AC 100V-240V
Weight (kg) 0.7kg 0.75kg 0.85kg
Dimension (mm) 170X106X70 107X105X126
Accessory AC cord

PS1 - 36 24 - 4
Model   Power Output Voltage   Channel numbers

PS2C serie -Connection example of Trigger Input Cable 
Pin No. Signal
24V+ Power output
GND Cathode
1+ Channel 1 Anode
1- Cathode
2+ Channel 2 Anode
2- Cathode
3+ Channel 3 Anode
3- Cathode
4+ Channel 4 Anode
4- Cathode
PS1C-3624-2 Jan 01,70
PS1C-3624-4 Jan 01,70
PS2C-3624-2 Jan 01,70
PS2C-3624-4 Jan 01,70
PS2C-6024-2 Jan 01,70
PS2C-6024-4 Jan 01,70
PS2C-15024-2H Jan 01,70
PSC3-1005-4 Jan 01,70
PSC3-7548-1 Jan 01,70
PSC3-15048-2 Jan 01,70
PSC3-55048-2-LSE Jan 01,70
PSC3-60048-1 Jan 01,70

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