COH series Coaxial Lights

COH series Coaxial Lights

High resolution. Four times brightness of regular CO2 serie coaxial.          
Reduce shadow in high reflective object.           


  High precision device defect detection           
  High precision dimensional measurement           
  Chip surface defect detection           
  Wafer size measurement and defect detection           
  Precision medical equipment components fouling detection          

Technical specification
Light color/ Wavelength 1* Red: 620-630nm  Green: 520-530nm        
Blue: 460-475nm          
Color temperature 1*  6000-7500K        
Operating Environment (indoor) Temperature0~40℃、Humidity20~85% Non condesning        
Supporting Controller PSS, PS1C, PS2C, PD5, PDS4, PDMS, PDM2, PBD, PBDL        
Accessories   DC extension cable: 1m/2m/3m/5m/7m.        
Product development  Custom light to get best effects.         

Selection guide      
COH - 50 W
Model   Emitting Area Color
Series Model Color Emitting areamm Working distance Voltage
 L x W x H (mm)
COH COH-30 W/R/B/G 30X30 10-60 24 16 98X42X40 220
COH-40 W/R/B/G 40X40 10-60 24 20 113X52X50 300
COH-50 W/R/B/G 50X50 10-60 24 34 128X62X60 400
COH-60 W/R/B/G 60X60 10-60 24 48 138X72X70 520
COH-70 W/R/B/G 75X73 10-60 24 62 153X82X80 590
COH-80 W/R/B/G 85X83 10-60 24 70 163X92X90.4 710
*1 The normal tolerance is +/-10% between the actual product power and power table content. 

Dimension (mm)


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