PSC4 Series Constant Current Digital Controller

PSC4 Series Constant Current Digital Controller

RS-232/100m Ethernet communication protocol for selection.           
Intelligent identification of light source power, and output corresponding current value

Model PSC4-15048-2-EIA/LSE PSC4-30048-2-EIA/LSE PSC4-55048-2-EIA/LSE PSC4-60048-1-LS/EIA/LSE
Input  Voltage AC100-127V or AC200-240V 50/60Hz 
No of Channels 2 2 2 1
Lighting Method Continuous / trigger lighting 
Drive Mode Constant current
Output Voltage DC48V
Output Voltage Regulated current
Output voltage (single) 144W 288W 290W 580W
Current (single) 2.8A Max 5.6A Max 6A Max 12A Max
Total Output Power 150W 300W 580W 580W
Total Output Current 2.8A 5.6A 12A 12A
Trigger input voltage DC5~24V
Trigger Response Time 50us Max
Trigger method Outer trigger
Light brightness  0~255 steps
Fan power parameter  Fan DC12V, current 3.75A (max), Power 45W (Max)
  Controller OTP: display E01
  Light OCP: display E02
Controller protection Controller temperature protection failure: display E05
LCD display Fan drive circuit OTP E06
  Fan drive circuit temperature protection failure: display E0
Weight (kg) 2 2.7 2.7 2.7  
Dimension(mm) 285.7X136.6X122.8 320.7X136.6X122.8 320.7X136.6X122.8 320.7X136.6X122.8
Working environment Temperature -10~50℃ / Humidity 20~85% RH (with no condensation)
Storage environment Temperature -20~65℃ / Humidity 20~85% RH (with no condensation)
Cooling method Forced air (Fan)
Material SPCC Steel plate with painting
Communication RS232 / EIA-485 / Ethernet 
Accessory AC cord, ethernet cable LSE-10/1000M-3,LS-232-3-B communication able, extension cable
PSC4 -150 48 -2 — LSE  
Model Power Output Voltage Channel No. Communication   


1. Communication parameter
Protocol Working mode Communication
Transport format
RS-232 Half-duplex mode 19200bps Start bit Data bit Check bit
1 8 0

Controller External Trigger Definition (PSC4)
Trigger Port No   Trigger  Definition
1+ CH 1  Trigger Input + 
1-  Trigger Input -
2+ CH 2  Trigger Input + 
2-  Trigger Input -
Trigger Port No   IO OUT definition
1+ IO 1 Reserve port
1- Reserve port
2+ IO 2 Reserve port
2- Reserve port

1. RS-232 communication cable (through) has a standard length for selection, and the communication cable has a shielding layer
2. RS-232 uses only 2, 3 and 5 pins for communication, which are respectively receiving line RXD, sending line TXD and signal ground line GND"

Ethernet port is LSE edition. LS and EIA with no ethernet port.


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