For the wine industry, what can machine vision be used to detect

For the wine industry, what can machine vision be used to detect

Nov 09 2020

For the wine industry, what can machine vision be used to detect?

1.Identification inspection: trademark and character printing on the top and side of the bottle cap; quality inspection of anti-counterfeiting codes; character pattern inspection on the bottle; two-dimensional code, barcode identification, production date reading; product quantity inspection, etc. 

2. Defect detection: detecting defects at the cap, mouth, body and bottom of the bottle; whether there are defects such as rupture, burr, notch, unevenness, stain, etc.; detecting encapsulation film at the mouth of the bottle; whether the position of liquid level is qualified; defects on the box surface of the packaging box, etc..

3.Dimensional measurement: the measurement of the length and angle of the wine bottles of different specifications. In addition, some products have high precision, reaching 0.01~0.02m or even u-level, which cannot be detected by human eyes and must be completed by machine vision.

4. Positioning detection: mainly reflected in the application of industrial robots, industrial robots in the completion of assembly, classification or handling operations, the need for visual feedback to the robot spatial coordinates to provide accurate fixed position and direction of the parts, to ensure that the robot accurately grasp the parts.

*There are many items that can be detected, mainly depending on the specific detection needs of the manufacturer, the hope that the use of automated testing equipment to replace the production process of which detection links, such as : the production line from the empty bottle quality detection → liquid level detection → packaging detection → packaging detection