Product Introduction Flat dome light

Product Introduction Flat dome light

Feb 28 2024

Product Introduction

Flat dome light is a kind of common light source in machine vision light industry, with its advantages: uniformly diffused lighting, compact design which is space-saving, easy installation and maintenance, etc. It has been widely used in packaging date detection, glass cover dust detection, tablet printing and dirt detection. If you are looking for a uniform, soft, shadow-free visual inspection light, flat dome light will be your ideal choice.

Product introduction

I   Flat dome light (dot type)

Flat dome light (dot type)
FQS3-A series

Replace the combination of dome light and coaxial light, saving more space
Eliminating black dots by upgrading the 2nd-generation

Data code on packaging

Dust detection on glass cover
▶Printing character and dirt inspection on pills

II  Flat dome light (stripe type)

Flat dome light (stripe type)
FQS3-PT-A series

Detect tiny concave-convex defects that is difficult for coaxial light

Concave-convex detection of polarizer
Concave-convex detection of curved lens
▶Indentation detection of glass cover