Heyuan Hot Spring Tour

Heyuan Hot Spring Tour

Dec 26 2019

To thank all the employees for their hard work of the year and help everyone to relax and refresh themselves, Wordop organized a 2-day trip from November 1st to 2nd.

The sky is clear and the breeze is cool as all cheerful colleagues gathered at company early, getting ready to go!


Laughters all the way during two-hour drive. After reaching the destination, we went straight to a local farm to taste the most authentic Hakka food.

After lunch, we arrived at Bavarian manor. We were happy and had fun in the Black Forest Park.

Surrounded by mountains and waters, the estate was a mixture of East and West culture. Colorful European architecture, castles and windmills made us felt as if we were in a fairy tale kingdom. But Hakka house, solemn temples also provided the beauty from Orient.

After dinner, we rushed to the long-awaited hot spring area to ease our fatigue.

The next day, we came early to the Wanlu Lake, facing the beauty of nature, we were full of energy.