How to understand machine vision light source and its advantages

How to understand machine vision light source and its advantages

Dec 11 2020

  Machine vision light source technology is actually an important branch of computer science, which combines the technologies of optics, mechanics, electronics, computer hardware and software, etc., and involves the integration of computer, image processing, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, signal processing, optcal-electromechanical and other fields

  Simply speaking,Machine vision lights is to use the machines in place of human eyes for all kinds of measurement and judgment

On the production line, such measurements and judgments made by people may cause errors and mistakes due to fatigue, differences between individuals, etc., but the machine will proceed tirelessly and steadily

  Generally speaking, the machine vision light source system includes the combination of lighting system, lens, cameras and image processing system. For each application, we need to consider the running speed of the system and the processing speed of the image, the use of color or monochrome cameras, the size or defects of the detection object, the size of the field of view, the resolution and the value of contrast.

  In terms of function, the typical machine vision light source system can be divided into image acquisition part, image processing part and motion control part

  The main working process of a complete machine vision light source system is as follows

  1.The workpiece positioning detector detects that the object has moved to the center of the visual field of the camera system and sends trigger pulse to the image acquisition part.

2.According to the preset program and time delay, the image acquisition part sends the starting pulse to the camera and the lighting system respectively
  3.The camera stops the current scan and starts a new frame scan, or the camera waits until the start pulse arrives and starts a frame scan after the start pulse arrives

4.Open the exposure mechanism before the camera starts a new frame scan. The exposure time can be preset

  5.Another start pulse turns on the lighting, the start time of the light should match the exposure time of the camera.

  6.After exposing, the camera begin to scan and output of a frame image
  7.The image acquisition part receives the analog video signal and digitizes it through A/D, or directly receives the digital video data digitized by the camera.
 8. The image acquisition section stores digital images in the processor or in the memory of computer.

 9.The processor processes, analyzes and recognizes images to obtain measurement results or logical control values
 10. The processing results control the movement of the production line, carry out positioning,and correct the error of movement and so on.

  Seen from the above, machine vision light source is a more complex system.Because most of the system monitoring objects are moving objects, the matching and coordination between the system and moving objects is particularly important, so it brings strict requirements to the action time and processing speed of each part of the system.
  The advantages of machine vision light source system
  1.Non-contact measurement will not cause any damage to the observer or the observed, thus improving the reliability of the system.

  2.It has a wide range of spectral response, such as invisible infrared measurement, which expands the visual range of human eyes.
  3.Working stably for a long time, it is difficult for human to observe the same object for a long time, while the machine vision light source can make measurement, analysis and recognition for a long time.
  The application field of machine vision light source system is more and more extensive.It has been widely used such as industry, agriculture, national defense, transportation, medical treatment, finance and even sports and entertainment, etc. It can be said that it has penetrated into every aspect of our life, production and work.Wordop will be with you together to solve your key needs of machine vision