"Taking the Enterprise and Deep Research"

Dec 26 2019

"Go to the enterprise, deep research" The National People's Congress Works Committee comes to Wordop Automation National support policy to help Wordop innovation and development  Nancheng Street People's Congress Work Committee to the new base industrial park to carry out "go to the enterprise, deep research" activities:  On the morning of July 24, Qiu Gang, director of the Nancheng Street People's Congress of Dongguan City, led a special research group of representatives of the people's congress of the city's national people's congress to visit the new base industrial park to understand the implementation of the province's private economy, the city's non-public economy related policies, as well as to promote the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises. Zhang Seerong, deputy director of the street office, Zhang Jingchun, secretary of the New Base Community Party And Industry Committee, and relevant officials of the Street Industry Information Technology Bureau, the National People's Congress Office and other departments participated in the relevant activities.  Wordop Automation as one of the representatives of the park visiting enterprises, leading the research team in-depth product research and development center, laboratory, production workshop, to learn more about the production and operation of enterprises, process, market conditions, and so on, carefully inquire about product research and development progress, production and operation of difficulties and demands, The introduction of relevant government policies to the support and help of enterprises and the future direction of enterprise development. 

State-level technology business incubators to help Wordop scale expansion, production and research capacity to enhance:

Science and technology business incubator effectively promote scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of results, in recent years, our city vigorously support science and technology business incubators, and these incubators not only nest to attract phoenix, after receiving government funding, with good policies, but also to help phoenix take off.

Located in Nancheng, the new base of science and technology creative industrial park, belongs to the national science and technology business incubator, Wordop Automation in 2015 into the industrial park, mainly engaged in machine visual light source production, this year, the company's growing scale, and the majority of new employees are looking at local preferential policies.

Dongguan City, Wordop Automation General Manager Kang Weiwei said: children enrolled in the school to enjoy three public school places, but also can land in the enterprise, and is a big policy for employees, while retaining talent is a great help to the enterprise, some laws, intellectual property knowledge have related training. And regularly organize visits.

National policy support:

In recent years, Dongguan City and Nancheng streets have developed a series of support policies for hatching carriers. The City Science and Technology Bureau recently announced the 2019 Dongguan City Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator Project Funding List, Nancheng Street has five technology business incubators listed, these incubators will receive up to 1.5 million yuan. The New Base Industrial Park is on the funding list this year and last year.
In 2018, the total tax paid by enterprises in the park and the park reached 560 million yuan, an increase of 33.97 percent year-on-year.